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April 2017

Fire Magic
Echelon Diamond E660IN Grill

RETAIL PRICE $9,025, NOW ONLY $4,968

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Huge selection of Copper, Brass, Nickel and more. Large variety of sizes.
$150 dollar overstock warehouse fireplace door sale.
MSRP: $500-$2500. Pick-up only. No returns.

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Fire Magic
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Feature Grills and Firepits

Fire Magic Grill

Fire Magic Grill
Retail: $5,499
Now: $4,400

Echelon Diamond Grill Package

Includes: Silverton Stone on a 48" Cabinet, Double Doors w/ Trash Tray and Dual Shelves and Louvered Venting Panel

Retail: $9,025
Save: $2,815
Now: $6,210