Wood and Coal Furnaces

Keep warm during the cold winter months with a Wood or Coal Burning Furnace. They can act as either a supplementary or primary heating source for your home and are an extremely efficient energy saving choice.

Our furnaces are a smart economic choice; wood and coal supplies are traditionally more cost effective than other fuel methods. You can gain energy independence by offering an alternative to fluctuating and expensive gas, fuel-oil or electric heating costs.

Our units are engineered to heat your home. And engineered with high grade material to guarantee strength and are built to last.

Firechief wood or coal indoor or outdoor furnace

Fire Chief Furnaces

Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnaces will put an end to your heating worries. Their wood and coal burning units are built to the highest standards of manufacturing excellence. Fire Chief has listened to the constructive critique of our loyal customers for decades. Who knows better than the customer? Fire Chief units are built to stand the test of time using the best materials in the industry and are tested to the UL391 safety standard.

Manufactured with pride in America.

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