Bring style & functionality to your fireplace 

with a large selection of  fireplace accessories 

at Nickos Chimney Company.

fireplace grates

Fireplace Grates

Fireplace grates lift the firewood off the chimney floor allowing air to better circulate.

Fireplace accessories wood holder

Firewood Racks and Carriers

Our selection of wood racks and carriers is designed for creative functionality, making storing your wood – and transporting it – the easiest part of your wood burning experience.

fireplace tools and fireplace accesories

Fireplace Tool Set

Keep all your fireplace accessories and maintenance tools in one place with convenience and style. Our selection of beautiful fireplace toolsets provides an easy means of keeping it all together – adding beauty and functionality to your hearth.

hearth rugs

Fireplace Hearth Rugs

Hearth rugs are a simple and effective way to transform a cold brick hearth into a welcoming place of comfort, while protecting you home from damage and dirt.

fireplace screens

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens offer the same protection from sparks and embers as fireplace doors, but allow easy installation and leaving your fireplace open and welcoming.

fire starters

Fire Starters

Easy fire lighting options are the perfect addition to your fireplace so that your experience can be simple and relaxing.

fireplace blowers and fans

Blowers and Fans

Save energy and money with a fireplace fan or blower. These products enhance your comfort while adding to the smart functionality of your fireplace.

fireplace cleaning

Fireplace Cleaning

A wide selection of fireplace accessories for cleaning includes hearth gloves, ash holders and shovels, ash vacuums, and easy-to-use fireplace spray cleaners, all joining together to make the job of cleaning your fireplace simple, fast, and most importantly, done.