Premium Stoves

Freestanding stoves provide rustic ambiance and traditional style as well as a dream-full-filling heating solution for every part of your house. Nickos Chimney Company offers a variety of premium, free-standing stoves designed to provide powerful, efficient heat and enjoyment of warmth and many pleasant hours. Wood burning, gas powered, pellet burning, or coal fueled, we have the perfect stove for your home, and your decor.

Trust the Experts, Trust Nickos Chimney Company.
wood burning stove


  • Traditional, abundant, economical and friendly to the environment
  • Wood heat soothes and radiates. It's a difference you can feel
  • Radiant and convective wood stoves give you even, penetrating heat
  • Fraction of cost compared to standard utilities
  • EPA certified, reducing pollutants by 95%
  • Use less wood than older stoves
  • Reliable heat, do not need blowers to operate
  • Optional cooking surfaces
  • Nickos Chimney Company offers Top Quality Wood Stoves from Lopi, OsburnVermont Castings, BlazeKing, MF Fire and Hearth Stone Stoves.


  • Convenient to turn on with simple on/off switch or remote control option
  • Realistic beauty of the fire without the smoke and ash
  • Carefree radiant heat, circulating air with a fan
  • Efficiency rating over 80%
  • Easy conversion to propane
  • Direct vent technology
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Authentic looking logs
  • Nickos Chimney Company offers Premium Quality Gas Stoves from LopiMajesticVermont Castings, Valor and KozyHeat.
  • There are several burning gas stoves on display in our showroom.
pellet fueled stove


  • Clean burning, environmentally sound
  • Cost effective, price stable, environmentally responsible and saves time
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere in your home
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles
  • For use as a room heater or an efficient secondary heat source for an entire house
  • Producing 8,000 - 40, 000 BTU's of heat per hour
  • Pellets need filled once per day
  • Nickos Chimney Company offers Premium Quality Pellet Stoves from Lopi and Enviro.