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MF Fire
Catalyst Wood Burning Stove

Catalyst wood stoves features an easy 3 minute start up with 90% smart stove efficiency. Ultra-clean burning for fires without all of the harmful emissions. Lifetime warranty

Stove can be controlled at your finger tips with the Catalyst Smart App. 

See product specifications.

New Showroom Displays

KozyHeat Carlton 39
Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Direct vent gas fireplace with a traditional log set and a standard split-flow burner.

As an ideal contemporary heating solution to be installed inside an existing fireplace, the Carlton 39 benefits from a wide range of design options. This enables customization to meet your exact specifications. Because it’s a direct vent model, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home; with flexible venting connecting it to the outside world, air is allowed to flow around the fire bin when necessary.

See product specifications.

Lil Luigi
WPPO Outdoor Portable Wood/Charcoal Pizza Oven

WPPO Wood Fired Pizza Oven quickly reaches Temperatures over 900 Degrees. So you can cook Pizzas in less than 2 minutes. But it is not limited to just Pizzas. With our Wood Fired Oven you can cook Bread, Steak, Vegetables, Fish, Seafood and more....

The Cajun Grill
Charcoal Grill & Smoker

Charcoal grill features ALL heavy 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel construction, 748 square inch cooking area, 34 inch x 22 inch two piece 304 electro-polished stainless cooking grids, custom S/S adjustable air vents, adjustable 12 gauge charcoal tray, commercial thermometer, full length lid handle, double lined stainless bottom, and removable ash pan. Cajun Grills were designed and built to last for a lifetime.

Showroom Model Sale

Lopi Flush Wood Plus Wood Insert

Retail Price $3,734
Sale Price $2,614

Hearthstone Equinox Wood Stove

Retail Price $4,927
Sale Price $3,202

Monessen Vent Free

Retail Price $1,969
Sale Price $1,379

Featured Grill Recipes

Treehouse Masters

Nickos Chimney Company is proud to be a part of a treehouse build for Semper Fi Fund Kids Camp in the Laurel Highlands.
Featured in Season 11, Episode 8 of Treehouse Masters on Animal Plant.
(Cable subscription required to watch.)

Featured Products

Hearthstone Patio Oven 3.2

Free Standing Outdoor Oven perfect for roasting, baking and grilling. Constructed in Stainless Steel with a Copper Powder Coat, heated with wood in up to 20 minutes.

Le Bol

An experience unlike any other offering a natural focal point for good friends, family and food. Providing a hot, crackling fire without the smoke, but all the flavor.

Introducing Hearth Stone Stoves

Wood stoves, wood inserts and gas inserts, see more at Hearth Stone Stoves online.

Wood Stoves

Wood Inserts

Gas Inserts

Nickos Favorite Products

Creosote Remover

Creosote remover penetrates the sticky, tar-like creosote and turns it into a loose, powdery, non-adhering ash that can easily be brushed away.

Safe for use in all types of chimneys, fireplace inserts, wood stoves, airtight stoves, free-burning fireplaces and will not harm catalytic converters

Anit-Creo Soot

Makes removing creosote and soot build up easier and improves efficiency of wood and coal stoves, furnaces, and boilers by reducing creosote odors and pollution.

Chimney Cleaning Brush

Made for DIY homeowners.  Designed for insulated metal chimneys, stainless steel, and metal stove pipes.

Our Satisfied Customers

Our Satisfied Customers

I was very impressed with my entire experience! The installers, John and Mike, were extremely good. Made no dust or dirt, professional, courteous and clean when coming into and out of the house. Would highly recommend!

Mark Urban  January 23, 2017