Fireplace Design & Installation

Fireplace Design & Installation

Have you ever run across a photo of the perfect hearth in a brochure or magazine and fell in love with it or noticed your dream fireplace on a TV show or in a movie but had no idea of how to go about recreating that same look or ambiance in your own home?  For over 41 years Nickos Chimney Company has turned the dream or the idea into a reality.

Fireplace Design Showroom
Fireplace Design Showroom
Fireplace Design Showroom
Fireplace Design Showroom

Touch, See, and Feel

Tour our showrooms at our Latrobe store and see dozens of burning displays. We create exhibits which are custom designed using metal, stucco, stone and tile. Visit us to touch the various facades, see the beauty of flames and view first hand the exquisite workmanship and talk with our knowledgeable staff. They'll be happy to introduce you to the decision you'll need to make.

  • Factory-built fireplaces stylishly finished in wood, brick, stone, marble, metal, slate, tile or granite
  • Fireplaces accessible from two, three or four sides ("see-through", "corner" or "peninsula")
  • Efficient "inserts" to update an existing fireplace
  • Fueling Options -- firewood, the traditional way -- or one of the modern means that still give you all the beauty and wonder, but far less work: natural gas, propane, wood pellets
  • Natural draft venting, direct venting or vent free
  • Accessories to complete your decor -- facings, mantles, fire-backs, hearth rugs, andirons, fenders, screens, glass doors -- even a remote control so you don't have to disturb yourself to adjust the blaze!
  • See why you have to start with a visit? This list hasn't even scratched the surface. Phhotographs just don't do our fireplaces justice

 In Home Evaluation

Schedule a visit by our experienced planners to your home. Whether the store visit narrowed your choices or set your imagination racing, our professional will evaluate:

  • What is structurally possible
  • What is most aesthetically pleasing in your chosen setting
  • Assist in establishing a project budget
  • Determine what would best accentuate the present décor or suggest possible broader renovations around your new fireplace
  • Perform the necessary detailed measurements
  • Finalize the details that go into installing a true Masterpiece

Finalize Your Masterpiece Project

Return to the store to finalize the details that go into installing a true Masterpiece. By this point, you'll know your preferences, and a second walk through our extensive display will help you reach your decisions.

Watch in amazement and growing anticipation as your new Masterpiece is installed! Our trained team of artisans will make sure your family is safe and your investment runs efficiently. Getting this part right is the key to your long-term enjoyment. We won't let you down!